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  • ‘Buyer & Cellar’ Is Inventive, Witty, and Pretty Wonderful

    Jonathan Tolins has had a capital idea for a one-man show. After reading in Barbra Streisand’s 2010 book “My Passion for Design” that her basement is a re-creation of a street lined with period shops that contain her many acquisitions arranged as merchandise, he wondered what it would be like if Streisand’s passion for verisimilitude extended to hiring someone to work as a salesperson in the stores, with the star, of course, as the sole customer. The result, “Buyer & Cellar,” is inventive, witty, and pretty wonderful, a fleet 90 minutes of the way Barbra might be, delivered with oceans of charm by the impish, utterly delightful Michael Urie.
    Actor Alex More has been fired from his job as the mayor of Toon Town at Disneyland after losing his cool with a nasty child. Friend and romantic admirer Vincent, who works in human resources for Disney, wants to help and calls Alex with a mysterious job offer in Malibu. So the young man drives his battered Jetta to the beach to check things out. Arriving at a palatial gated estate, he is interviewed by the seen-it-all Sharon, who explains the gig and though dubious agrees to try him out, proffering a gigantic confidentiality agreement. When told that

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