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  • ‘Smash’ Recap: Episode 15, ‘The Transfer’

    This week on “Smash,” there is… wait… why are we talking about golf right now? Has Jimmy found his new high in sports?
    Oh, wait! It’s because NBC gives not a care in the world about this show anymore, and we’re missing the whole opening scene because some old white men are talking about other mostly white men swinging sticks around in a grassy field. Golf claps! Thank goodness Jeremy Jordan was on Twitter to inform us that we missed an entire musical number, otherwise we’d be confused forever.
    Meanwhile, when we finally join the show, Ana is stumbling around confused and her understudy, Daisy, who we didn’t even know was in “Hit List,” is chomping at the bit for her shot – which she gets when Derek suspiciously tells Ana to take a day off.
    Over in “Bombshell” land, Ivy is busy selling cars, wanting a Tony real bad, and being shocked to find her personal life splashed across the pages of the paper in blind items. Tom also wants a Tony real bad, so he takes a little cabaret of his and Julia’s songs and turns it into a huge, flashy review to prove what a great director he is. And Eileen is exploiting Tom and Julia’s personal drama to get “Bombshell” some pity-votes at the

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