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  • The Ugly Truth About Your Talent

    Mitzi Shore, legendary owner of the Comedy Store, once said, “It’s a sin to encourage mediocre talent.”
    I think she meant it’s wrong to give performers false hope, but here’s the problem: This is a business where everyone does just that. Nobody ever says what they really think. That’s why there are so many untalented actors still plugging away in the trenches.   
    For example, I’ve never heard of any agents who said to their clients, “You’re not that good. You might want to rethink your life.” But you know what? I guarantee it was on their mind.
    Hell, even when agents are dropping clients we always go out of our way to soften the blow. Here’s what I usually say to an actor who’s about to get the Ned Stark treatment:
    “I have some bad news. We’re dropping you as a client. But listen, it has nothing to do with you. The list has gotten too big and we have to make some cuts. I’m sure I’ll regret this decision when you start making money for another company.”
    Now here’s what I’ve wanted to say on more than one occasion:
    “I have some bad news. We’re dropping you as a client. The reason is

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