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  • The Creative Artists Lab’s 3 Ways to Learn from a Community of Actors

    Collaborators Che Landon and Sonal Shah are serving as guides to a new generation of actors with their program Creative Artists Lab.
    Why did you create the Lab?
    Landon: I wanted to provide a place that wasn’t just an acting class but really a community. I wanted a space where the creative spirit was being nourished and, at the same time, resources, education, [and] community were being made available to actors across the board. We are partially funded by actors, directors, writers who believe in leveling the creative playing field, regardless of class.
    How does the Lab set itself apart?
    Shah: Our artists are learning how to create their own content so they don’t have to rely on other people. We believe having the know-how, in terms of all aspects of production and all aspects in this business, will make you a better actor if you are aware and you learn everything about it. We [also] provide equipment such as lights and cameras for our actors to use, and our stage is provided to the artists to create their projects.
    What advice do you have for actors?
    Shah: Instead of waiting to audition, go audition now. Instead of waiting to win an Oscar, watch and observe Oscar-winning performances and work on those now. To

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