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  • 3 Questions to Ask When Meeting with an Agent

    When looking for representation, most actors believe the best agent is the one who offers to sign you. I would argue that’s absurd. You can’t find the right person if you’re that desperate.
    Choosing an agent is one of the biggest decisions an actor can make. This goes double during the early days of your career. So you have to approach this choice as a businessperson, not as a needy actor who has nowhere else to go.
    Unless you’ve done something to attract the attention of a larger company, you’re probably going to begin your career with a starter agency. This is the kind of place that signs a ton of actors and throws them against the wall to see who sticks. It’s all about the bottom line. They don’t develop talent. And there’s nothing wrong with that. These agencies serve a purpose by dealing with all those little day player roles that guys like me ignore.
    The truth is, most starter agents know their clients will eventually leave. Their goal is to generate a steady stream of income with a rotating list of actors. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.
    Is working with a starter agent a smart move? Well, it depends. If you sign with the right one, they might help you

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