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  • 5 Tips for How to Act On Set When You’re Not Acting

    Whether you’ve been acting for years or you have just booked your first gig, an actor’s day on set can be absolutely thrilling. But do you know how act when you’re not acting? That’s when it’s you (and not your character) that people are going to be watching. And that’s why it’s so important to have appropriate manners on set.
    1. Be on time. You will most likely receive your call sheet the evening before your shoot. Allow enough time for traffic, so you can avoid stress upon arrival to set. This is a job; professionals show up on time.
    2. Follow instruction. This goes all the way from designated actor parking, signing in, to going to your honeywagon. If you’re going to be leaving your trailer at any time (for instance, to visit craft services or use a restroom outside of your trailer), tell a crew member. When you are called to set, go right away.
    3. Be a civilized eater. You know the basics. Chew with your mouth closed, eat moderate portions, bring your food up to your mouth…and if you’re in costume, make sure you either protect it with napkins or, if you have enough time (and approval from the wardrobe department), change back into your day clothes to eat.

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