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  • 9 Common Myths About Breaking into the Business

    Actors, it’s time for a huge dose of reality. No more Googling “Acting” or “How do I get famous?” or “How to get an agent.” If it were that easy, then everyone would have an agent and be a series regular on a TV show. There is too much bad advice out there, too many scams, and not enough truth. We hear about someone landing their lucky break by accident, and so a lot of actors think the same will happen to them, and that they can skip all the steps. Those are the rare exceptions. Like any other business, you have to put in the work, be professional, earn respect, pay your dues, train, and take the craft seriously (and be nice to assistants). If you are doing it for the fame, this isn’t for you. 
    Here are some common myths about the business. 
    1. “I need to be in the union to get an agent or manager.” Simply not true. Agents take actors who are talented and who they think will book work, regardless of union status. 
    2. “I need to do extra work to join the union.” It’s true you can get three waivers for doing extra work, and then they will allow you to pay $3000 to join. However, you don’t need to do this. If you are doing extra

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