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  • 13 Things to Never Say in a Casting Room

    We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at least a few times but somehow, in the casting room, actors do it more often than they or we would like. Nerves, insecurity, neediness, and self-doubt set in and there’s no stopping you. You say things you’re not aware of, feeding the narcissism, looking for connection and reassurance, but sometimes those few little words can bring your audition to a screeching halt. So, here are some things you don’t want to say in an audition, no matter what impulse arises:
    1. “I just got this last night.” No excuse. Everyone else likely got it last night and someone is making it work. Do your work as best as you can in the time you have. If you have to, work on it till 2 a.m. Alternatively, do the work that’s necessary so you get a good night’s sleep. You don’t need days to prepare. 
    2. “Should I sit or stand?” You decide. You need to walk into the room confident, ready to go, putting us at ease. If we want you to do something else, we’ll ask. 
    3. “I’m going to enter, sit, then stand on this line, then exit…” Keep it physically simple. Blocking will happen on the day. In this abstracted and often

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