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  • How Your Agent Can Be Better

    Agents are a lot like cholesterol. There are good agents and there are bad agents. I like to believe I’m one of the good ones
    We all know how to sign an actor. That’s Freshman 101. But what separates me from some of the crappy agents in this business is that I actually give a damn about the actors I represent.
    From the day I landed on a desk, I’ve always understood my clients place a great deal of trust in me. They see me as their advocate and protector. Those are roles I take seriously.
    Any agent can set up auditions and negotiate deals. That’s easy. It’s much harder to understand your clients aren’t just names on a list. They’re human beings with dreams and fears just like everyone else.
    Next to physical survival, a human’s greatest need is psychological survival—to be understood, to be affirmed, and to be appreciated.
    Besides opportunity, that’s what actors want most from their reps. They need a personal connection, because their greatest fear is being forgotten once they sign on the dotted line.
    Sadly, servicing clients has become a lost art, especially when the client isn’t making a lot of money. That’s why so many actors have turned to managers.

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