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  • 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Acting

    Whenever I hear students ask me questions like, “Am I good enough to make it?” or “Should I quit?” I always say, “How can you quit something you never fully invested in?” It’s one thing to quit and say, “I gave it a solid try. I did everything I needed to do to get myself positioned properly to be seen by the right people who can give me an opportunity and it’s just not working for me.” But it’s another thing to say, “It didn’t work. This career sucks,” and not do anything about it.
    Like any business, it takes time and money. Some of you might say, “Why is that guy or girl working? They’re awful!” Well, I hate to say it, but it’s as simple as, they know how to work the business better than you. Do you know how to work the business? What is working the business? Well, there’s having a package that works, having reps that send you out, having the training that helps you book, networking and building relationships, and being ready when the opportunity comes. 
    This is a business. Do you know where you belong in the business? Do you even watch television? If one more person tells me about the amount of opportunities

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