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  • Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable and 4 Other Useful Tips

    Miss this great advice from our Backstage Experts? These five tips are sure to get you moving on the road to success.
    USE YOUR TRAVELS TO PERFECT YOUR SKILLS.“Whenever I travel, I always try to learn the language. As a result, I speak French and Spanish, and can dabble in a dozen others. Take an immersion course from a native speaker and practice on a daily basis. Hint: Avoid hanging out with Anglophones while traveling and force yourself to communicate in the local tongue as best you can.” —LANA VEENKER
    ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE VULNERABLE.“When life throws us into circumstances and experiences that are beyond our control (like, every day), it’s an opportunity to stay open to those moments and the gifts they want to give us. Embracing them presents experiences to us that are always better and more fulfilling than what we planned. —ANTHONY MEINDL
    UNDERSTAND THAT YOU’RE NOT FOR EVERYONE.“If you allow rejection to eat away at you, you will gradually lose your sense of ‘personhood.’ The old expression ‘There’s no accounting for taste’ was never more applicable. So think of it this way: When you enter a Baskin-Robbins store and choose strawberry, rocky road

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