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  • 4 Differences Between Cable and Network TV Auditions

    I have been auditioning for a cable series and a network series recently. Actors have failed to understand the differences between the characters in each, and what effect it has on their audition.
    Of course, there will be exceptions to these principles. These are not set in stone. But you must utilize these theories to lubricate your thinking before your start prepping your sides.
    Network is plot driven. Cable is character driven. Network shows are self-contained within one hour. The baddie must be caught, a relationship must be resolved. What happens is more important than to whom it happens. You need to deliver clear concise characterizations for network. Pace is more important than a pause. Do not overcook the character, because that is secondary to the story rhythm being clearly communicated. Cable characters make the audience work that little bit harder. 
    Network delivers recognizable emotions and relationships. Cable delivers conundrums. Network programs concisely deliver a character’s feelings and emotions. The audience is comfortable. They know the territory. Cable series performance hints at a character’s feelings, leaving subtle clues. The audience savors the intrigue and tension of being

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