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  • 1 Way Kerry Barden Maintained Authenticity in ‘Get On Up’

    Pictured: Chadwick Boseman as James Brown and Nelsan Ellis as Bobby Byrd.
    Director Tate Taylor’s “Get on Up,” a biopic of the late soul singer James Brown, features a powerful cast of actors recreating Brown’s life, from his humble beginnings to his huge, worldwide success. Prior to casting “Get on Up,” Barden/Schnee Casting’s Kerry Barden had cast Taylor in “Winter’s Bone.” A few years later, Taylor would direct the Oscar-winning “The Help” with a cast assembled by Barden (for which Barden won an Artios Award). This time around, Barden was drawn to the way Taylor wanted to tell James Brown’s story in a non-linear way. “He kind of turned it on its head and made it the wild ride that James Brown’s life is,” Barden explains.
    The pivotal role of Brown presented a challenge, because Barden wanted to capture the essence of the man. “The big challenge with James was finding an actor who could move as wild and crazy as James does, because it’s not just lip-syncing, which is the case with a lot of musicals, or looking like you’re able to play an instrument,” he says. “[Chadwick Boseman] had to do all those moves that James did on

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