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  • 1 Way to Really Make a Casting Director Angry

    In my world, there are good days and there are bad days. And at the end of a really bad day, I like to have a drink. Maybe two.
    Last week, I had an especially bad day. None of my pitches earned audition times, a promising deal went south, and a larger company stole one of my favorite clients.
    When a day goes that badly, I have a choice. I can cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, or I can treat myself to some high-end Scotch.
    As I walked into my favorite tavern, I spotted a familiar face at the bar. The guy was in his 40s, dressed in a suit. He looked up and recognized me.
    There was a moment of tension. That’s what happens when competitors run into each other, but the tension faded quickly. In the friendly warmth of a bar, we were just two guys in the same line of work who needed a drink.
    An hour later, the horrors of the day had faded and the two of us were sharing war stories. We decided to compare notes on the worst client–casting director encounter we had ever experienced.
    His story was about a client named Steve who had a big audition for a sci-fi show set in outer space. The language was tricky because most of it was made-up jargon about dilithium crystals and other hard-to-pronounce words. But Steve was

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