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  • An Inspiration in Every Breath

    You breathe out, you expire. You breathe in, you in-spire. Every single breath you take is a pure dose of unadulterated inspiration. 
    Every time an actor says that their “inspiration” is gone or their impulses have been stifled, it reminds me of a story my father likes to tell…
    A man slips and falls off the edge of a precipice overhanging the ocean. Miraculously, he manages to grip a small branch sticking out of the cliffside, preventing certain death. Terrified, he begins praying to God for salvation, but moment-by-moment his grip is loosening. 
    Soon, a dog-walker appears over the top of the precipice and reaches his hand down. Not able to fully reach, the dog walker says, “Hold on, I will find something to reach you and pull you back up!” 
    “No,” says the man, “I am praying to God to save me. He gave me this branch, he will save me in his own way. I put my faith in him and him alone.” Unconvinced, the dog-walker reluctantly leaves the man clinging to the feeble branch. 
    Ten minutes later, and still praying, a fishing boat appears underneath the man in the water. “Let go!” one of the fishermen shouts, “We will catch you in our boat

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