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  • How Body Language Affects Your Auditions

    In auditions, confidence is everything. It’s your body language, your voice, how you carry yourself, the image you project, before you even open your mouth. It’s those first 15 seconds of your audition as you are walking into the room. Your body language should say, “Trust me. I got this!” and make the casting director, producers, directors, and showrunners believe you, and feel like they can put you on set or on stage the very next day. You are performance ready, you are owning it, you have unshakeable confidence, and there isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind. It’s the most attractive quality for an actor to have in an audition.
    It’s very obvious when an actor who is unsure of what they are doing and lacks confidence walks into the room. Their shoulders are low, they avoid eye contact, they are tentative in their choices, their voice is soft, and the sides are shaking in their hands. It makes you look “green,” and makes the casting director nervous. Before you even open your mouth, your body language says, “I’m sorry for the audition you are about to see.” It ain’t pretty, and if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.
    True confidence

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