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  • 4 Ways to Determine If You’re Physically Ready for an Audition

    At one time or another, all performers have heard a piece of music and thought, “I need to sing that song!” Maybe the lyric hits home, maybe the melody is unforgettable, or perhaps the sheer technical prowess of the singer is an inspiration. Who hasn’t belted along with Idina Menzel, or matched high notes with Steven Pasquale? If you’re able to hit the notes of a big song and are wondering whether its ready to make its way from your apartment into the audition room, there is an easy way to find out: Record a video of yourself singing the song; just like a football player who views game tape to analyze a play. I encourage you to watch yourself back and look at your body when you are performing the most challenging phrases. Here are some physical markers to determine if it’s time to unveil your new power tune.
    1. Head/face/neck. Your ears should be over your shoulders, and your chin should be level, and not jutting out; many of us sing with our head too far forward in relationship to our spine. You should not see wrinkles in your forehead, and your eyebrows should not be pushing upwards. Your jaw should look relaxed, and the tip of your tongue should be on your

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