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  • The No. 1 Worst Encounter Between Casting Director and Actor

    During last week’s episode of Secret Agent Man, I found myself in a bar comparing war stories with one of my many competitors. The topic was the worst encounter ever between a client and a casting director. My rival had just finished his tale of woe and it was pretty good—but now it’s my turn. Let’s tune in….
    “How about we make this interesting? I will bet you $100 that my story is better than yours.”
    My agent friend smiled. “All right, you’re on. But how do we judge this? It can’t be one of us.”
    I glanced up at the bartender as she returned with another round. My instincts told me she was an aspiring actor. I asked if she had been listening and she confessed that she had.
    “Perfect! That makes you the judge. And your word is final.”
    “Sounds like fun. I’m in.”
    “Great. Now here’s my story….”
    I told them I used to represent an actor named Jack who was stuck in a major slump. The guy would audition all the time, he’d go right down to the wire, but he just couldn’t book. It was a frustrating situation.
    Then finally, the gods of acting smiled down and my client ended his slump by booking a juicy

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