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  • How Staying in the Moment Can Create Positive Energy

    Actors have wonderful imaginations…of course. How else could we create such varied characters and be so authentic? We can project into another era or into the future and have so much fun “playing” each character in each circumstance.
    But when not working on a script or on a set the downside to imagination can be sending that wonderful creative energy to a dark place—fear, anxiety, depression.

    What if I never get an agent? Will I ever book another job?
    What if my career never takes off and I have to work my day job forever?
    What if I’m too old to get started?
    Why do I have to keep submitting? And spending so much time and money to get new marketing tools or meet the industry pros to get a job?
    Will I ever make a living as actor?

    I’ve been there. In my 20s I was aggressively trying to book jobs in theater and TV, scurrying to make a living but I was filled with the angst of the above questions. Every time a show closed or a contract role ended or a commercial went off the air, I’d panic. I’m out of work! I know what that’s like. When you’re in a tunnel of fear and despair, doubting your own talent, it’s almost impossible to see the light at the end of the

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