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  • 4 Invaluable Benefits of Accountability Groups

    It’s been said we can all use a little help from our friends, so is it any wonder there are a number of benefits from participating in an accountability group? I’ve participated in several of these over the years, and I’ve found that the group dynamic has been helpful in many ways. 
    1. Goal measuring and deadlines. If you’re navigating the industry on your own, you might not have a way of measuring how you’re doing as far as setting goals and attaining them. Are you reaching high enough? Is it realistic? Are you going about it the best way possible? With a group mind, you can put it all in perspective. You’ll get feedback and possibly guidance from someone who may have already been down that particular path, or you’ll all talk it out and come up with a plan. That plan should include a deadline if it requires action or follow up on your part, and the group is there to hold you to it.
    2. Motivation and inspiration. I took a quick poll among some actors that I know are in accountability groups and asked them when they’re most productive. Can you guess the answer? Right before they were meeting with the group! Knowing that you have to report on your progress since the last

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