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    Elaine Stritch said this sometime before she died: “The terrifying thing in my life is that I am just an actress. And I have to keep pushing it and getting approval, approval, approval or I don’t think I’m worth two cents. And I am starting to get over it, thank God. And I’m just sad because I don’t have many years left and I wish I had a longer space of time to think that Elaine Stritch is OK.”
    We have to keep reminding ourselves that we don’t need anyone’s approval to validate our existence. You deserve to be here not by what you achieve or do or accomplish; or who you are as an actor or how well you audition or how popular you are. You’re okay just by being who you are. 
    Just by being here. 
    We need to learn how to spend less time and energy trying to win people over and getting people to like us who don’t matter. I remember in my 20s how I would try to get people who I would defer my power to, to respond to me in some way. I was so desperate for their approval that coincidentally, my own desperateness was never going to get them to approve of me.
    But now that I look back I see that those people I was willing to jump through hoops for didn’t

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