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  • 6 Questions to Ask About Your Potential Theater Program

    Summer and early fall is road trip time for many high school seniors interested in studying theater in college. Most students tell us that they are looking for a “good” college. However, we find that “good” can mean many different things. Some think that good means a prestigious college, while a good school for others would offer solid training as an actor.
    Whatever good means in your world, you have to have some way of evaluating the differences between programs to determine which schools are good colleges for you. To help you decide, we made a list of questions to ask during your college road trip and while you are researching schools from home.
    Ask the faculty:What projects outside the school are you involved with during the summer or school year? This will give you an understanding of how current, fresh, and connected a professor is. It is a strong indication of quality when professors find creative outlets to keep their art sharp.
    How many and what type of productions are staged? It is important to assess whether you will have enough acting opportunities to develop your craft. Ask about main stage and black box productions, musicals, and whether theater students receive priority casting. Find out

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