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    For those of you who are curious, I started my career in Chicago working as a freelance editor. Most of my assignments involved commercials and industrials, but every now and then I would score an independent film. Those were the best because they allowed me to be creative.
    When I look back at pictures from those days, I barely recognize myself. My hair was long, I had a full beard, and there was always a diamond stud in my left ear. Ah, the folly of youth…
    When I made the move to Hollywood, I did what a lot of people do in this business: I reinvented myself. It took a little effort, but inside of a few years I became a clean-cut agent with a taste for Italian suits.
    There are several famous performers who followed a similar path. For example, Mark Wahlberg used to be the leader of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Now he’s a movie star. Bruce Willis was a comedic actor till he picked up a gun in “Die Hard.” Now he’s an action hero. And Matthew McConaughey stepped back from his fading pretty-boy career to become a serious character actor. Now he’s got an Oscar and a possible Emmy.
    All right, all right, all right…
    Celebrities aren’t the only ones who have pulled off this hat

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