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  • 3 Reasons You Need to Develop Your Own Audition Technique

    Preparing an audition is an exciting, hopeful, yet solitary and sometimes lonely process. 
    For all the talk about the collaborative process of acting, this is the one moment when you’re faced with just yourself and the words on the page. 
    If only you had a brilliant director to lead help you navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of the audition process.  
    Well, if you have a solid audition technique that you can rely on to open you up to infinite possibilities of the piece—and that helps you to stand tall in the room—you have just that.
    Here are three ways having a great audition technique can direct you to success:
    1. It tells you when to start. If you have a technique that demands access to your inner being—the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that will let the people in the audition know what is most powerfully unique about you—you know you can’t be random about how you begin your work. You need to be ready.
    I can’t tell you the amount of times actors will call me for a private coaching, usually from their car, and when I ask what work they’ve done so far, they tell me that they pulled up the sides on their phone, read it numerous times trying to figure

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