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  • You Are Enough: Why You Need to Just Be Yourself in Commercial Auditions

    People often ask me how they can stand out when we see so many people for each role in commercial casting. For example, a theatrical casting director may only call in 20 actors for a co-star role, while we’ll often see 50 or more per role for a commercial project. That brings your overall chances of booking the job down from an already measly five-ish percent to just two-ish percent or less!
    The answer is simple, and many of you still won’t believe me when I say it, but it’s true, nonetheless: Just be yourself. You are enough, just the way you are. No one else looks exactly like you, laughs like you, walks or talks the way you do. You already are a unique character with your own essence and mannerisms. It would be nearly impossible for another actor to perfectly mimic what already is totally effortless and natural for you.
    And yet, so many actors I meet find it so terrifying. They don’t believe they are interesting enough or entertaining enough or attractive enough as they are. So, they cover up all that beautiful individuality and put on a “character” that they think the client is looking for, which is always worse. Always. Why?
    Because if we need you to play a character other than

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