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  • No One Likes an Entitled Actor

    I don’t know if many of you know this, but I owned and operated Gold-Levin Talent for nine years. During that time, not only did I learn the business from a personal management perspective, but it also gave me a sense about artists and their understanding of the business. One of my biggest pet peeves was an artist’s feeling of entitlement.
    “Entitlement” is “the fact of having a right to something.” Given the perimeters of our business, it is true that your representation works for you, but the truth is, what are you doing to contribute to the success of the whole? For some reason, artists often believe that they deserve success just based on the principle that they are talented.  
    Just to remind you, representatives work for free until you work. So, therefore, they are not being paid for any of the work that they do to help you get work. With that said, I have been blown away when an artist feels that he or she is deserving and demand that they have these great opportunities without any contribution to the partnership. I sit down with actors on a daily basis and listen to their woes about their place in the world and how no one is helping them get opportunities to succeed. What they all

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