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  • The #1 Career Advancement Strategy When You’re Working ‘On the Road’

    With the summer winding down, I’ve been hearing from a lot of clients and students who have been gainfully employed during the past few months. In most cases, it’s been summer regional and stock productions. Often actors have gotten these jobs through their own efforts, that is without the help of representation. In all such cases, I have asked the actor: Have you been in touch with agents by mail about any good reviews that you may have gotten or perhaps just to update them as you’ve gone from job to job? The answer is usually the same. “No, everyone told me that since I was leaving town and already signed on with the job, there was no point in looking for an agent until I returned.” 
    So, to one actor fortunate enough to have gotten four months of employment on the road and who contacted me at the beginning of the summer, I said the following: Start now, from the city that you’re in. Do a mailing to a number of New York agents (her home base) telling them what you’re doing, where you’re doing it and who cast you and who’s directing you. Tell them in your cover letter that you understand that there isn’t much they can probably do for you at the moment, but that

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