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  • How Agents Choose Clients

    Being an agent isn’t an exact science. It’s not like we study at a special university in New England where men with beards teach us a series of facts that we can use to make our professional decisions. That kind of academic, set-in-stone background works for doctors and lawyers but not for people like me. In my line of work, major career choices often come down to nothing more than a judgment call.
    Granted, those judgment calls are based on years of experience, but any agent who claims his or her success is based solely on skill is a liar. I would argue that in most cases, success comes down to 60 percent skill and 40 percent luck.
    When I was starting out as an assistant, my boss explained the biggest decision an agent can make is choosing who to sign. We usually pick actors based on their experience, look, and how they fit into our client lists. But what about signing new talent?
    A few months ago, every agent in town attended showcases for the graduating students from all the big acting schools across the country. We watched hundreds of actors perform. At a certain point, they all started to blur. So when looks and experience are equal, how does an agent decide who to sign?
    It’s a judgment call.
    We make

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