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  • 13 Things to Never Do in a Casting Room

    These things have all happened, some more times than others. But it’s pretty crazy how our better judgment goes out the window when we put ourselves in the context of an audition room. We think we have to “help it up.” Here are some “don’ts” for auditions. And while we don’t like focusing on the negative, you’ll get the gist of why these are behaviors to leave out of the work… 
    1. Don’t pull a weapon. Ever. Not even a fake gun or rubber knife. It’s never about the weapons. And P.S. It scares people. Audition killer.
    2. Don’t chew gum. So unless the role calls for some serious gum cracking, spit it out before you walk in.
    3. Don’t smoke. Not tobacco, herbal cigarettes—no smoking at all. And no need to mime smoking or use an unlit cigarette. Even if the scene calls for it. Whatever it is about the scene that motivates smoking is what you should consider, not the act of it. You can smoke on set or stage if that’s ultimately desired. (Note: I have seen actors make a small rolled joint work, unlit. Someone recently did that and got the part. Just don’t light it. We’ve also seen an actor light up a real joint. Didn’t get

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