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  • Stop Thinking About Your Competition

    Imagine yourself at an audition. You’re waiting around, potentially looking over your material, but more than likely you’re on your smartphone, avoiding life. The people around you are the same gender, height, hair color—even weight. You’re a type, and you’re surrounded by yourself. Hundreds of Yous, all vying for the same job. Once this grim reminder pops into your head, that douchey little voice you try to ignore says, “These actors are totally the better version of you.”
    They aren’t. That person across the room who’s tricked you into thinking she is a mirror is in fact completely different than you. She has other skill sets, knows different people, and prepared using methods separate from your own. She brings something into the room that you never will. The cool part? The same goes for you. Sometimes the Powers That Be will dig the other person, and sometimes they’ll dig you. Rarely is booking a job ever about “more talented” as much as it is “more appropriate.” The moment we start accepting that nine times out of 10 it’s not about us, the less time we’ll spend Googling: “cheap early happy hour.”
    Sometimes you suck,

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