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  • 5 Reasons Why Actors Can Make Great TV Hosts

    Unlike actors, TV hosts have to be one hundred percent themselves on camera. They absolutely cannot “act” like a host, or their career will be a short one. That is one of the biggest challenges for any performer looking to break into the hosting industry. But the good news is that actors have so many traits in common with successful TV hosts that the transition from acting to hosting can be an easy one, with the proper training.
    There are two different types of hosts, the Ryan Seacrest type of host and an expert host. Whichever path you choose, you will need the same skill set to succeed. Luckily, actors are more prepared than they think to make the jump into hosting.
    Charisma. Many actors have that special luminous and charismatic personality when you meet them. They are typically animated, bubbly, and very conversational. It is extremely important for a TV host to have this trait because it’s that “special something” that will really make them stand out. Actors need to be themselves and learn how to put their real personality out there on camera to attract the audience. Any viewer can spot a fake. What they want is a host who’s authentic and honest—not all

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