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  • Why Actors Need to Be Open to Discovery

    In June, as NPR reported, something extremely rare was discovered. A previously un-contacted Indian tribe in Brazil made contact with civilization. 
    In this day and age of technology and instant-information-gratification occurring at lightening speed, it’s thrilling to realize that even though we can get data from around the world in two seconds flat, there are still so many things we don’t know. 
    Thank God. 
    There are mysteries to be explored. There are new stories yet to unfold. There are possibilities available to us that we often shut out because of our conditioning and seeing things from our set paradigms. There’s magic. And things we don’t even yet know about ourselves. 
    The political pundits and talking heads on TV who constantly bombard us with information and sound bites and “facts” can often contribute to our hardened thinking arteries. Over time, we become cynical and jaded. We become “know-it-alls” but not the kind of knowing we want. 
    We stop being open and instead recite information from repetition, not discovery. We close off to wonder and instead take things for granted. We drink from the waters of our habituated, conditioned minds,

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