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  • 5 Organization Tips to Maximize Career Opportunities

    Though entertainment has its glamorizing moments, at the end of the day, life sets in and the realities of budgets, scripts, contacts, etc. come about. As a publicist, keeping tabs on media, reimbursements, contract obligations become tedious and hard to maintain when things get unpredictably busy. Knowing that an actor’s life is not much different, I’ve listed some easy ways to take care of those pesky “being an adult” things we all have to do…
    1. Sync your life together. The best way to keep up with all the people you network with is to enable a sync function on your iPhone or Android phone. This feature can be implemented through nearly every email client application or specific contact applications. Another tip? Put your industry contacts in a separate folder so that you can decipher between your friends and professionals. 
    2. Contracts, scripts, important documents. Due to the constant hustle of the entertainment industry, it’s not hard to forget about important documents, so buckle down and keep everything organized. I suggest purchasing an accordion folder that allows you to separate your files. Place your printed agendas, agent contracts, scripts, important emails, financial

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