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  • 7 Composers to Try for Your Next Audition

    When an audition breakdown asks for a contemporary musical theater song, it can be difficult to know where to begin in terms of finding the right piece of music. There are so many great new writers producing exciting songs every day, and the sheer volume of choices can be daunting. In this article, I’ve highlighted five contemporary writers and writing teams that consistently produce work that is audition-friendly. These writers compose songs that are interesting and yet accessible on first hearing, with piano accompaniments that are well-realized and playable. They write material that stands well on its own, but their songs can also be cut and shortened to an audition length when necessary. Here they are, in alphabetical order: 
    Scott Burkell and Paul Loesel. Burkell and Loesel are an accomplished and experienced writing team, creating material that is tuneful and clever. Burkell’s lyrics are full of whimsy and charm, and Loesel’s music is always impeccable.Listen/buy: http://www.scottandpaul.comFive of my faves: “I’ll Jump,” “Invention,” “Ordinary Day,” “Parsley,” and “A Sorta Love Song”
    Michael Kooman and

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