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  • A Film Festival Survival Guide for Introverts

    Film festivals are fun and exciting, full of energy and community. They’re a great way to see independent films and make connections which can lead to great relationships and maybe even future roles in amazing films. You could be hanging out with the next Wes Anderson or Jason Reitman. Yeah, yeah, we get it. Film festivals are awesome. That said, when you are relatively introverted, hate the awkwardness of not knowing anyone at the party, or are simply over it, here are some suggestions on how to make festivals both productive and tolerable so you can meet more filmmakers and build your indie film résumé.
    First, go to festivals even when you don’t have a film there. Make a list of the places where you know people (perhaps some couches you can crash on) and would like to hang out for a few days. Next, do a Google search of film festivals in those locations. 
    A bit on location: I have realized over the years that I fare much better at the smaller festivals. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted at Sundance and Tribeca, for instance. It’s just too much filmmaker hipster intensity for me. However, I feel happy and creative when I am at the Woodstock Film Festival. Here’s a tip: I will spend

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