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  • The 1 Thing You Need to Know About Auditions

    Drama teachers implore you to be decisive in your character choices for an audition. They train you to plan and deliver specific actions. Most audition sides and character breakdowns include detailed instructions on what a character does and how they react. 
    And what happens in the room? The actor faithfully delivers that action. Because they know that they must deliver that specific action. Because that is what is required.
    After over 30 years of auditioning actors the one thing I know, is that no one knows. They may give the impression they know. If it is a drama teacher, an acting coach, a director, a head of network, they will deliver their opinion with authority and confidence. But it is only that: an opinion, not a fact.
    Many times I have seen actors say in the room, “Just tell me what you want, because I can give it to you,” as if there is a locked down, known version of the character and you just have to deliver that version. 
    When a casting director makes recommendations to a producer that they should cast a specific person, we do not know they are the best. We are trusting our instincts, our opinion.
    If all creative people involved with casting and performance had knowledge, then every

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