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  • Admit When You’re Wrong and 4 Other Useful Tips

    Miss this great advice from our Backstage Experts? These five tips are sure to get you moving on the road to success.
    KEEP IT SIMPLE.“Casting wants to see you in your self-taped audition videos, so don’t waste a second on creating a set or setting to fit the scene. However, do make sure your camera isn’t catching a bunch of distractions. Good self-taped auditions have simple, plain backgrounds.” —MAE ROSS
    LET INSTINCT INFLUENCE YOUR PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE.“We fail ourselves when we do not wait for this electrical impulse but instead intellectually flip the switch, causing instinct to derail and forced physicality to reign. Then we are quick to say how uncomfortable we were in our bodies in the room.” —KIMBERLY VAUGHN
    REJECT HOSTILITY IN ACTING CLASS.“It’s the teacher’s responsibility to set the tone for the class culture: how you treat each other. It really sucks to be in a class where the teacher allows the students to be mean and judgmental toward each other—cliquey, negatively competitive, bad attitudes, and poor work ethic.” —SHAAN SHARMA
    DISCOVER YOUR LOCAL MARKET.“It seems like every town with more than 500 people has a film festival

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