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  • How to Create More Possibility in Your Career

    If you’re going to think thoughts you might as well think big ones.
    First off it’s free. Second it feels better to think in terms of possibility and creativity, rather than thinking thoughts that are tethered to our conditioned way of seeing things. That is, incorrectly. Third, that’s how science works. 
    Scientists call their experiments fields. 
    Fields of study.Fields of research.Fields of discovery.Fields of possibility.Fields of dreams.
    It’s open. Wide open spaces. If it weren’t—if the conclusions were already made, if there were nothing to explore, if everything was predetermined—there wouldn’t be a reason to partake in the adventure. Science would cease. Thankfully, scientists don’t see science as a closed box—as limited; as finite. It’s all about experimentation, discovery, possibility. 
    At a molecular level, possibility exists because of atoms and the fields of potential they create. If you think about life, everything is atom-based, from the tiniest cell to the infinite cosmos itself. So to move possibility from the world of particles and quarks to actual substance requires us to take action. 
    In the field of possibility, in

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