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  • 4 Steps for Memorizing Lines and Developing Character Simultaneously

    If you thought that memorizing your lyrics and spoken text was steering you away from
    your instincts and impulses, and by extension your heart and soul, would you be willing to explore another path? Assuming you say yes, let me offer my perspective on why memorization alone can be and often is a roadblock we must navigate after the fact.
    The left brain is where memorization occurs. The left brain is in charge of sequential, analytical and logical thought. It’s practical, detail-oriented, strategic. It’s the home of speech and language.  
    The right brain is more spatial and visual; it is nonlinear, intuitive and holistic. It sees the big picture. It plays a role in language, particularly in interpreting context—the circumstances in which an event occurs. It is emotional, imaginative, intuitive, and risk-taking.
    The left and right brain “talk” to each other every minute of every day.
    How do we wed the “conversation” between memorizing the text (left brain) and living the text (right brain)?
    If by definition we do not emote, intuit, interpret, or trust risk-taking impulses with our left brain, we will not inhabit our text through memorization. We can learn it but we cannot live

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