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  • 4 Tips to Determine If Your Child Is Ready for Pilot Season

    Just two months ’til Christmas—Santa, bring me just a little part on Nick, please? If this is your young actor, you may be starting to wonder if this is the year to venture out to L.A. for pilot season. 
    A pilot season article in October may seem premature, but it is most definitely not when you are talking about young actors. The decision to embark is immensely disruptive and should not be taken lightly. Parents pull their kids out of school, put their personal and marital lives on hold, interrupt their careers, and put an enormous strain on family finances. 
    It is in childhood where the cold reality of show business often stings the most. The fact is that young actors between the ages of 7 and 12 are at their peak of marketability. Teen actors often find their professional careers squeezed by 18 year olds who can play younger. With the clock ticking and a commitment to supporting their child’s dream, many parents embark before their young actor is ready. 
    Here are some tips to see if your child is ready for the bright lights of Hollywood.
    1. Desire. A prerequisite to all other factors is the child’s desire and determination to pursue acting above attending school, birthday parties,

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