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  • The 1 Craft-Building Tip You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

    “See, if you got three or four good pals, why then, you got yourself a tribe. There ain’t nothing stronger than that.”—Billy the Kid in “Young Guns”
    “There’s strength in numbers” is one of those expressions we’ve heard a million times, so it’s easy to dismiss. But let me tell you something: Those four little words hold a lot of truth.
    In the movies, you can drop a young Stallone behind enemy lines and he’ll get the job done, but in real life you need an entire squad backed by a support team—the same is true in my line of work. Who’s the most overworked bastard in the entertainment industry? It’s the agent who runs a one-man shop where he submits hundreds of clients on every film, television, and commercial project out there. But if you give him two more agents, one to help with theatrical and the other to cover commercials, then you have the beginning of a promising team.
    There’s strength in numbers.
    This is a lesson actors need to learn. Your life will be much easier if you join a theater company or an improv group and surround yourself with fellow performers who will give you emotional support and a constant stream of creative

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