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  • Breaking Down Is Hard to Do

    One of the things that can be frustrating for actors is the feeling they are not getting information. The fantasy is “If I had only known about that part, I would have gotten it.” Note, that I used the word “fantasy”because there is little truth to that statement. Let’s put information sources into perspective and see what works and how to use them.
    Worst way: word of mouth. Like a game of “whispering down the lane,” hearing from another actor that there is a part for which you are “perfect”is information that has been interpreted out of its actual context. You are hearing something third-hand that has little resemblance to what is true or how it applies to you.
    Best way: get an actual appointment. Until you hear the information from your representative, all the rest is just conjecture. Your rep will tell you the facts about the role and, if you have any questions, can answer them.
    Breakdowns are a great source of information for your representative, but not good for actors to use as a gauge to what’s really available. Before Gary Marsh introduced Breakdown Services in the late 1970s, agents had to go to a casting director’s office to read a script in order to

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