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    Why are we so scared to say what it is we want? 
    A student recently expressed what his intentions were for his career and he was unspecific. He said something like, “I want to get into rooms.” 
    Now we understand what that means at one level. He wants to get opportunities. He wants to be seen. He wants casting directors to know who he is. 
    But at a deeper level, that intention is general. He was standing in a room when he told me this. He already is in a room, so his intention had already been fulfilled. 
    You have to get specific. How else can the universe—and an extension of it—in the form of people, help you if you aren’t? 
    Getting clear on an intention helps us understand what an intention actually is. It’s just energy and information. 
    We know that at a scientific standpoint, our bodies are really a bunch of atoms (which are made up of 99 percent space) coming together to form you. So you’re empty space— which is alive wit-h information and “conversations” if you will, with the universe itself. 
    Think about the human body. At a cellular level, all processes of the body are in communication with other parts to complete their

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