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  • 3 Ways to Protect Your Fellow Actors From Scams

    I subscribe to a couple of message boards so I can keep in touch with what actors are discussing in the industry. When a new post comes in, I am either emailed directly by the message board, or the board’s RSS feed is delivered to a special section of my inbox. It really is a wonderful way to stay “up to the minute” without having to go to their websites each day.
    Some time ago I happened upon a set of posts that really made me sick to my stomach. Apparently, someone (or a group of people) have been scamming actors with fake audition notices. But it wasn’t the actors’ safety that was in danger—it was their wallets.
    It’s hard to understand exactly what happened, since I only know what was posted on the message board. But apparently, some actors (and many of them children) submitted for a feature film via an audition notice posted online. The film was listed as shooting in the Southern U.S., and many actors were offered roles in the project. But these actors were told that in order for the production company to book their flights to the location, the actor would need to wire money to the production company via Western Union. Some actors were asked to pay $250, others were asked to pay as

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