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  • 3 Habits to Break When Prepping for Auditions

    We are told to bring ourselves to the role. And no matter what, your preparation has to work for you. However there are three things I often see that can interfere with an actor’s process.
    1. Memorizing. This is something that so many actors focus on and can take away from the performance. No one will book a job simply because they are word-perfect; it’s about the essence and what you bring to the role. When you get caught up in the words you limit what you want to do with them. What is their meaning? What’s behind them? What is your intention when speaking them? Some actors prefer to memorize first then run the scene countless times until the scene becomes clear. However with the pace that film and TV auditions move at, I have found that approach can be shaken. I encourage actors to learn their lines. Let them be real to you first. How would you say them? What’s your point of view? Where would you pause when we aren’t expecting it? Let them sink into your body as you learn them, instead of just in your mind.
    2. Being the breakdown. I see a lot of actors fall into the trap of only going by what the breakdown says, which limits and confines choices. I suggest you read the material, do your research, and

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