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  • Getting Your ‘Look’ Right, Part 2: Matching Your Essence to Your Marketing

    Last week we discussed how important it is to know your essence—the amazing qualities you already effortlessly exude—so that you can trust that you are enough and know what kind of “character” people will experience when you’re just being you.
    Next, we have to match your marketing to your essence. Here’s where we run into a lot of trouble. Take your physical appearance, for example. The way we dress and style ourselves can often be random, thoughtless, or even a direct contradiction to our natural essence. That’s because many of us use or construct our look as a personal statement against or to the world, or to hide, or show off, or as a defensive reaction, or to try to be something we may want to be but just isn’t true to who we are.
    It’s easy to see this in some extreme, but common examples, like actors styling and marketing themselves like 20-somethings when they’re clearly in their mid-30s or older. But this kind of confusing marketing also applies within niche looks as well. Like, if you’re a biker but your essence is that of a big teddy bear—kind, sweet, caring, etc.—then it’s not necessarily that you shouldn’t dress or style

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