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  • 3 Tips for Being a More Green Actor

    I am seeing some interesting actor trends lately. Trends which should not be #trending on topics many would consider “Acting 101.” One such trend is particularly significant to me as I try to run as green an office as possible. It’s 2014 and global warming is real. We all have to do our parts and that includes forgetful thespians. 
    When you are given an audition and sides to prepare, it becomes your sole responsibility to actually prepare for the audition. Nobody can do the work for you. Nobody can memorize the lines for you. Do you know what else we can’t do for you? Print your sides and force you to remember to bring them to your audition. Lest you forget, your audition is your job interview. You should be arriving at your interview/audition with everything you need for success. (Fellow casting director, social media queen, and Backstage contributing editor Marci Liroff, offers some genius words of preparation wisdom.)
    I understand your desire to hold your sides even if you have memorized the material. Great. Fine. Hold away. Though don’t you think if you need your sides then you should print and bring them? Why should somebody else do that for you? You can also join the technological age

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