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  • 6 Things to Consider When Asked to Do a Nude Scene

    At some point in an actor’s career, a proposition to do the infamous “nude scene” will appear and a constant back and forth between agent, actor, casting director, etc. ensues. Regardless if you believe in displaying your goods in the name of art or shielding them in the name of God, you are exchanging more than just your time and energy, but also giving up a naked digital clone of yourself. If you decide to do a nude scene, then ask yourself the following questions so you can maximize as much publicity from the project.
    1. What is your ultimate career goal? There is no guarantee that a nude scene will elevate your career, nor is there one that it will enhance it. You have to be selective in the projects you choose since there will be an exchange, and it’s up to you on who will be profiting from the deal. If your ultimate goal is to win an Oscar, then showing off your naked body in the 20th “American Pie” film will affect your goal. The roles you select will sculpt your public image over time, which will also play a big factor in future castings and your appeal to select demographics.
    2. How much is shown and how is it presented? A static shot of an exposed body versus a love scene illicit

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