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  • Secret Agent Man Shares His Secret

    I have a secret.
    The year I booked my first series, I decided to celebrate by taking an extended vacation in Europe. The trip lasted three weeks and I spent that time in three countries. My favorite was France. Italy came in second. And the incident that changed my life occurred in England.
    After seeing the sights of London, I decided to travel north so I could explore the moors outside of Yorkshire. Sadly, my timing was off and I found myself wandering those mysterious grounds right after the sun had gone down.
    The moon was full and I heard the beast before I saw it. The monster leaped out of the fog and took a bite out of my arm before a local was able to scare it off with a shotgun blast.
    When I woke up in the hospital, I laughed about my encounter and blamed it on beer consumption. The staff just stared at me with concerned looks. But after a day of rest, they sent me off and I flew home.
    A few weeks later, I discovered my bloodstream was carrying an unwelcome souvenir, and I’ve been living with that gift ever since. You see, once every lunar cycle, when the moon is full, I undergo a frightening transformation.
    I turn into a manager.
    The change is subtle, but during those three days, I’m not the same man. I

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