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  • Quit Crying on Camera and 4 Other Important Tips

    Need some advice and inspiration for your next audition? Our Backstage Experts are full of amazing advice to help move your career forward, and we wouldn’t want you to miss one drop of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead! 
    Only do what works for you.“Acting isn’t math and can’t be successfully taught as such. There are no finite answers in the arts: One plus one doesn’t always equal two, and that’s the joy of it. A good teacher knows this and also knows that the only “right” in art is what’s right for the artist.” —Craig Wallace
    Don’t get caught up on memorization.“No one will book a job simply because they are word-perfect; it’s about the essence and what you bring to the role. When you get caught up in the words you limit what you want to do with them. What is their meaning? What’s behind them? What is your intention when speaking them?” —Sara Mornell
    Quit crying on camera!“Actors fail to realize that if you feel it, the camera will see it. You don’t have to show it. You don’t have to indicate. I have heard actors speak highly of actors because they can cry on cue. And yet,

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